OVP Mandate, Core Functions, Mission, Vision, and Quality Policy

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OVP Mandate

As the second highest office in the land committed to the service of the nation, the Office of the Vice President performs executive, ceremonial, and advocacy functions, collaborating with stakeholders and organizations in both the public and private sectors, to develop and promote programs that uplift the lives of the Filipino people.


To deliver efficient, accessible, and responsive public services and programs for the good of all Filipinos.


To reach, serve, and create lasting impact on the lives of the Filipino people.

Quality Policy

We are committed to exemplary public service as we –

Core Values

Resilience - "we respond quickly to issues as they arise and transform problems into solutions to ensure the long-term sustainability of the office's work."

Integrity - "we act driven by honesty and accountability, meeting our commitments and serving without discrimination."

Diligence - "we work with discipline and efficiency, taking responsibility and ownership of our aspirations for our country."

Excellence - "we strive to improve ourselves and thus the quality of services and programs we deliver to our indigents, ensuring they have a better quality of life overall."