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    Endorsement of Vice President Leni Robredo by former SILG Mike Sueño at the Koronadal People’s Rally

    Endorsement of Vice President Leni Robredo by former SILG Mike Sueño
    at the Koronadal People’s Rally
    Rizal Park, Koronadal City, South Cotabato

    MIKE SUENO: Maayong hapon sa inyo tanan! Bago lang ako na-stroke, so, nag-game ako sa introduction basahon ko na lang ini. During the first months of the Duterte administration, VP Leni was holding a Cabinet position. I–because I was still the DILG secretary–sat beside her during the Cabinet meetings. And our meetings would start with the President praising VP Leni, seeing good things about her. This was an opportune time or chance for VP Leni to be “sipsip” with the president and get a much higher Cabinet position. But she was silent and very determined and focused. She had a strong sense of morality.

    When she started pointing out government excesses and impunities, she lost her Cabinet position. And social media trolls continue the lies and [misinformation] about her, calling her "bobo," "walang alam," "mahina," "lugaw," "lutang" and many other humiliating descriptions. Lies and [misinformation] are what President Putin is using in this war versus Ukraine. He closed down all media outlets reporting the realities of war in Ukraine and the media does not mention invasion or war but tells the Russians that the soldiers were sent to Ukraine as liberators and that they will be welcomed warmly. Neither is there any mention of the Russian soldiers bombing cities, civillians, ang hospitals but truth can not be hidden. Somehow, many Russians are informed about what really happens in Ukraine. This is why there are many public protests versus Putin in almost every city in Russia. Similarly, lies and [misinformation] are also prevalent in our country for years now. Our history is revised in favor of a dictator: Martial Law years will be [the]golden era of Philippine history, that life was beautiful and Filipinos were happy, human rights—no human rights violated and no military—no military abuses committed, no wealth stolen kuno, and democracy flourished kuno, that tons of Tallano gold will be made available to Filipinos.

    Fellow Mindanaoans, many Filipinos tend to believe these lies and [information]. Fellow Mindanaoans, these are critical times. We cannot be passive and neutral and allow our history be rewritten. We must act now. If we don't, chances are that the beneficiaries of these lies and [misinformation] may come out winners of this year's national election.

    Truth must prevail and salamat sa Diyos there are many groups and organizations now and still counting everyday, they are coming out in support of the Leni and Kiko tandem. [applause] They see in Leni Robredo a strong competent and passionate leader, who can ably stand to correct the lies and [misinformation]. Restore human dignity, protect our territorial integrity, stop corruption and end impunities. Overcome or help economic challenges and strengthen peace and unity among Filipinos. Besides, the charisma of Leni is phenomenal. She was able to inspire people from all walks of life, young and old, to organize themselves, plan their activities, raise their own funds and campaign for Leni with extraordinary passion. Even before Leni declared her candidacy, a group of [inaudible] was already organizing "Youth For Leni." This is volunteerism at the highest level. [crowd cheers: “Hindi kami bayad!”] Volunteered and this is unprecedented in the history of Philippine politics. For a sure win, let's go out and convince more people to vote for Leni and Kiko tandem.

    We are Mindanaoans, many of us are farmers, we have many problems. It appears that the government has abandoned us farmers. Among the vice presidential candidates, only Kiko Pangilinan has the passion for farming and for agriculture. [cheers]

    Taga-Mindanao, sugod na kamo na atong bise presidente, si Kiko Pangilinan. [cheers] As for the Senate, we have the following: De Lima; Hontiveros; Trillanes. Buligan nato si De Lima kay wala man sila. Si Hontiveros kag Trillanes mga [speaks in local dialect]; Si Baguilat ibutang man nato ang IP sa senado [cheers]; Si Diokno ini siya ang human rights lawyer. Buligan nato natin sila. Si Matula, amoang labor leader nato; Si Lacson kag Colmenares mga Ilonggong abogado ini; kag si Gordon ang pinaka isog na senador. Kag buligan man nato ang taga Region 12, taga-aton dine, makabulig sa mga mangongoma, si Manny Piñol.

    I was born here in Marbel, anak Mindanao kitang tanan. Kung wala pa kamo sang partylist, i-check ninyo Anak Mindanao o AMIN. Our task today with [inaudible], the regional coordinator of the Robredo People’s Council, is to introduce to you–it’s getting clearer and clearer everyday, the next president of the Republic of the Philippines, Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona-Robredo.



    Posted in Transcripts on Mar 15, 2022