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    February 6, 2019

    At 9:30 am, the Vice President attended the oath taking of Far Eastern University Association (FEUFA) in FEU, Sampaloc, Manila. The FEUFA is the legitimate labor organization and the sole and exclusive Collective Bargaining Representative of faculty members of FEU with respect to salaries, teaching loads, hours of work, and other terms and conditions of employment, and benefits as may be provided by law, constitution, and jurisprudence.

    At 10:00 am, she went to the opening of Istorya ng Pag-asa (INP)FEU Photo Gallery Exhibit. INP is a photo gallery featuring different stories of hope by the Filipino people. This project aims to inspire, empower, and be a source of hope through words and portraits.

    In her speech, the Vice President underscored the need to search and share stories of hope to the Filipino people despite these trying times. “So, amid all the negativity, the chaos, and the divisiveness around us, we find comfort that we can become a country where people are united around common values of hope, perseverance, and deep faith in the goodness of humanity. So iyon iyong pinaka-tinatanong kami: bakit kayo gumagawa ng proyekto na may Istorya ng Pag-asa? Kasi we think this can be a uniting activity for all of us no matter our political affiliations, iyong common talaga iyong goodness of humanity. And we want to feature your stories because you give inspiration and hope to many of our kababayans.”

    At 2:00 pm, the Vice President attended the Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pamilya ng Pantawid (SNPP) 2ndAnniversary in Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City. SNPP is an independent organization of parent leaders and beneficiaries of the Pantawidprogram from NCR, Regions 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8. The goal of the event was for SNPP leaders and members to celebrate the milestone of the organization; provide updates and inform the assembly about SNPP, its works and status of the Pantawid Bill; and provide an avenue for interactive discussions on relevant (national) economic, and social issues.

    At 3:00 pm, the Vice President proceeded to the Ahon Laylayan KoalisyonNCR Assembly and Covenant Signing in UP Ang Bahay ng Alumni, Quezon City. The event gathered the leaders and members of the sectoral groups under the Ahon Laylayan Koalisyon NCR and served as the launching of the Laylayan Koalisyonin NCR. The Office of the Vice President hoped to empower marginalized sectors, enabling their voices to be heard in the determination of programs and projects that would address their needs.

    In her message, the Vice President emphasized that the people need to be discerning in electing their government officials. “Kaya ito pong 2019 elections, sana hindi po tayo magpadala sa pera. Sana hindi tayo magpadala sa palakihan ng tarpaulin. Sana po hindi tayo magpadala sa pagandahan ng mga campaign materials. Pero ang tutulungan po natin, dapat pinag-aralan natin kung sinu-sino sila. Iyong piniprisenta po namin na Otso Diretso, pinag-aralan po namin ito nang matagal na panahon. Ang sabi po namin, “Ayaw nating magprisinta ng ikakahiya natin kapag nakaupo na.” Ang atin pong mga kasama, sinisiguro ko po sa inyo, kahit nakaupo na sila, ang kanilang puso ay nasa inyo.”

    Posted in VP's Day on Feb 06, 2019