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    First Episode: The Leni Robredo Podcast with Bianca Gonzalez

    First Episode: The Leni Robredo Podcast with Bianca Gonzalez


    VP LENI: Hello, everyone! This is Leni Robredo and welcome to the first ever episode of The Leni Robredo Podcast. Ang guest natin ngayon ay isang napakahusay na host, writer, content creator, wife and mom to two young girls—Ms. Bianca Gonzalez. Hi, Bianca! Thank you very much for giving us your time today. Bagong-bago ako dito. I know you have been having your podcast for quite some time already. Ako, bago pa lang. So, I’m very happy that you will be my first ever guest. So maraming, maraming salamat sa iyo.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Of course! First of all, thank you, Ma’am, for having me. When I found na buena mano guest, I was so kilig but also, congratulations! Welcome to the podcast world.

    VP LENI: Oo, alam mo, Bianca. For so long, so many people have been asking me to do a podcast of my own, lalo dito sa office because a lot of our staff are very young people and sinasabi nila, “para naman makausap mo iyong mga age group namin.” Pero ninenerbiyos ako kasi sabi ko baka hindi ko kayanin. Pero I have a radio program of my own and sabi nila, hindi naman siya masyadong maiiba. And then I got invited a few months ago to a few podcasts and surprisingly, I enjoyed them. Sabi ko, “sige, subukan natin.” So ito, ito tayo ngayon—my first ever podcast edition.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Yes! I love it. Okay, so for everyone listening, the title of your podcast is…

    VP LENI: The Leni Robredo Podcast. [laughs] Actually, Bianca, we’ve had a lot of discussions on what the title will be hanggang hindi kami nagkakasundo and finally sinabi nila yesterday lang, “Sige na nga. The Leni Robredo Podcast na lang para wala nang debate.” So iyon, but I’m actually excited. I’m excited because iyong experience ko sa aking radio program, you know, you get to talk to a lot of many different people who sometimes do not share your experiences. So I learn a lot from my radio program so lalo na rito. Kasi siyempre limited din iyong reach ng aking radio program. So hopefully, hopefully with this podcast I will be able to reach the generation of my daughters.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Aww, I love it. And actually I think—because me, Ma’am, I’m a big podcast listener talaga, I’m looking forward to hearing you from you, not from an article written about you or what other people said about you—what you like, who you are, from you mismo. Before we get into it, I just wanted to ask: do you have any podcast that you like listening to?

    VP LENI: Ako, I don’t listen to a lot kasi bagong-bago nga sa akin iyong podcast. Pero I was able to catch some of your podcasts, I listen to Jim and Saab’s, I was also able to listen to some podcasts of Michelle Obama. Iyon. A few others na local. And surprisingly, na-enjoy ko kahit mga bata pa iyong kadalasan na napapakinggan ko, na-e-enjoy ko siya. It’s intimate. Parang sa akin, halimbawa, the last one I listened to was Michelle Obama’s last night and iyong guest niya iyong brother niya. Iyong guest niya brother niya. ‘Di ba, we know them from afar? Pero when I was listening to that particular podcast, parang sobrang nandoon din ako. Ano pa iyon, parang it’s different when you read about them, ‘di ba, sa news, sa Twitter, you see them on Instagram. Pero sa podcast, parang sobrang natural.


    VP LENI: So actually, I was very excited about this one kasi I enjoy nga, eh, I enjoy the few ones that I guested on. So iyon, you get to know people on a more intimate level.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Yes. And again, here, your thoughts, your insights, your opinions on different topics. I have a last question. Ma’am, before we get into our topic. So for The Leni Robredo Podcast, what can we expect? What kind of guests would you like to invite or what kind of topics do you want to talk about?

    VP LENI: Ako, sa akin, more casual? More casual. As I’ve said, more intimate. Pero iyong first line of guests that we are looking are at iyong tingin ko I have some similarities to, halimbawa, you. Halimbawa, you, you’re very young and then alam mo, you’re almost my daughter, ‘di ba, pero nabasa ko—I follow your blog before. ‘Di ba may blog ikaw dati. I don’t know if I was in politics already pero I read your blogs and kinukuwento mo before you were shy, ‘di ba kinukuwento mo iyon? You were actually very shy before, you’re private, tapos parang you talk a lot about your family, your brother, your older sister. So alam ko iyon.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: [laughs] I can’t believe this! Pinagpapawisan ako.

    VP LENI: I think when I first saw you, ‘di ba sinabihan kita na I follow you? Pero actually, I wasn’t able to tell you that I was reading your blogs before. So iyong sa akin, parang kahit hindi pa tayo magkakilala, parang I know something about you already. And halimbawa, for example, iyong pagiging shy, ako, very shy ako, Bianca, eh. When I was still in school, I was so shy. In fact, that was the frustration of my mom. Na alam mo iyon, I was very active in school pero I wanted to do the back-end work. Halimbawa, I was in the theater arts pero ako iyong sa script, ako iyong sa curtain, ako iyong lights. Ayaw ko iyong bida. I have a younger sister—baliktad tayo, Bianca. Ano rin kami, Bianca, two girls, one boy.


    VP LENI: Pareho tayo. Pero I’m the eldest. So iyong younger sister ko was less shy so she would get the, iyong mga bida parts and iyong mom ko was into ballet and everything. So ako iyong frustration niya na I didn’t want to participate in a lot of things that would, alam mo iyon, that would force me to face an audience. So iyong mga declamation contest, iyong mga things like that, ayaw ko iyon. So parang sa amin, I was the least likely to enter politics, much more campaign for myself. I never—I never joined the student council. I was—kasi sa student council nagkakampanya ka, ‘di ba, for yourself? Gusto ko iyong mga organizations na binobotohan ka among the members of the organization, but to campaign for myself, parang I never saw myself doing that.

    So ikaw, nabasa ko kasi sa iyo before na you’re also shy. Pero para sa akin, bakit nandito ka sa mundong ito, ‘di ba? Bakit nasa mundo kang ito?


    VP LENI: Ako rin. Bakit ako nasa politika? So think my first question to you, Bianca, is ano iyong turning point mo? I know you took up Comms, ‘di ba, in college. You went to Ateneo.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Wait, this is so surreal that you know all these information about me! Nabablanko ako. Okay.

    VP LENI: Yes! Kasi nga binabasa ko iyong blogs mo before. Pero ano iyong—hindi ko alam, Bianca, I don’t know if my recollection is still correct pero parang you took up Comms, you want to be in the industry, pero hindi iyong in front of the camera, ‘di ba. Parang pareho tayo before, eh, na you were more interested in the backend of doing things. Pero what changed? Ano—was there a particular instance na nabago iyong plano mo?

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Yes, definitely! I can so relate to what you were saying earlier about iyong sa school play. Ako rin iyong sa script, ako iyong magdi-direct. Ayaw ko iyong nasa stage. Ako iyong mag-aayos ng mga costume ng mga kaklase ko, ganiyan. So in my head, I really wanted to become a filmmaker. Gusto ko pa sanang magsulat, mag-direct, which is why I took up Communication Arts. Very shy. But when I was first year college, I remember I was walking in the mall with my sister and like you, my sister is really the model-esque type—carries herself well, iyong talagang mas confident, mas extroverted. I’m the introverted one. Noong time na iyon, uso pa iyong mga model search tapos may kiosk sa mall. So we were approached by someone in that kiosk: “Gusto niyo ba to try out in the search?” And again, it was my sister who’s really the confident model type. So akala ko siya. And then sinabi nila, “Sama ka na rin.”

    VP LENI: Okay…

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: To cut the long story short, it ended up that I got the role.

    VP LENI: Oh my god. Okay!


    VP LENI: So for you, that changed everything?

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: That changed everything only because an opportunity presented itself and I was like, “Hey, why not?” Like, I may be shy but ang gandang opportunity. So when I did the commercial—it was a shampoo commercial—parang na-enjoy ko siya even if I was shy. I was sort of like something in me enjoyed it. And even if I was shy, I enjoyed working with everyone on set kasi I like the workings of production also. And somehow, I guess I found this—which I still have until now, ha—this on button. Like, I’m very, very shy but when I know kunware I have to go onstage na, I psyche myself and I turn on that button and then iyon na, parang I’m on performance mode na, host na. Parang ganiyan.

    VP LENI: Kasi when I read that about—parang the first time I’ve been reading about your blogs, parang you were not as active yet sa…


    VP LENI: Parang you were not that. Pero when I started watching you, parang naalala ko iyon. Naalala ko iyon iyong kinuwento mo before. So naisip ko, Bianca, na parang medyo pareho tayo, na parang accidental din iyong turn of, alam mo iyon, iyong turn of events. Pero we sort of adapted already. So iyong sa akin, iyong nakikita ko lang, kasi halimbawa ikaw this was not really the kind of, parang communications path that you initially planned. Pero when you decided that this was going to be the one you will pursue, you’re so good at it. So iyong sa akin lang, ano kaya iyong ma-a-advice natin to young people, to young people, siguro iyong mga younger than yourself who will find themselves in situations na kagaya natin na parang naitulak tayo, hindi naman natin iyon plano, pero noong naitulak tayo ginalingan pa rin natin.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Wow, that’s such a hard question. Do you have an answer for it?

    VP LENI: [laughs] Iyong sa akin kasi, Bianca, was different, eh. Ako, talagang iyong politics was really not in my horizon. It only happened because the man I married eventually became a politician. So [he] became a politician a few months after we were wed. So parang all our lives, he was a politician, parang na no choice ako. Na no choice ako in the sense na it was not my cup of tea but I wanted to support him every step of the way. Pero ako, nasa background ako. Ako iyong tagaayos ng—alam mo iyon, during elections, I would be the one to take care of the headquarters. Siyempre along the way, you would talk to barangay captains, political leaders, pero that was it. Pero when he died, parang when the plane crash happened, parang all of a sudden, I found myself in his shoes. So parang na-no choice ako. No choice ako in the sense na I had to step up. Pero noong nag-step up ako, parang para sa akin, utang ko sa kaniya na hindi ko masira iyong pangalan niya. So I knew that I had to, parang take the work seriously, even if it was not something that I wanted to do in the first place pero parang sa akin, kailangan kong husayan kasi nakakahiya sa pangalan na pinagpaguran niya. So, sa akin ganoon, pero iyong sa iyo, parang ano, eh, you were thrust into this pero it was not as if you were left with no choice, ‘di ba. Parang iyong sa akin kasi na-no choice ako. Pero even if that was the case, parang sobrang husay mo. Ang gusto kong sabihin, when you are serious about something that you do, it shows, eh. Parang people feel it. Halimbawa ako, I’m not into showbiz or ano. Parang kaunti lang naman iyong fina-follow ko among people in the entertainment industry pero I know at a glance, parang kapag pinanood ko alam ko kung sino iyong seryoso. Sino iyong seryoso sa trabaho. And you are actually one of those. So iyong tanong ko, how did you, parang alam mo iyon, how did you manage na hindi naman ito iyong una mong plano pero dito ka nadala pero sobrang, parang you put your heart and soul into it.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Wow, first of all, thank you for sharing that story earlier. I know it’s a sensitive story so when I hear you talk about it firsthand, it’s like wow, that’s such a powerful story. And I think I resonated with you your kuwento because parang ano, eh, we grew into the role, I guess? Parang may ganoong journey? In my case, I remember when I started, gandang raket nito. Kasi I won’t lie, especially at that time when you model for commercials, may pay check and at that time, I was a student tapos nagraraket-raket ako ng mga hosting-hosting na maliliit lang na pay check pero nakakadagdag to my savings. And so at first, it was really that. Sabi ko, gandang raket nito two to three years and then I will pursue na my filmmaking dreams. And then I think one day nagising ako, ten years na yata ako in the industry. So it’s sort of like I eventually fell in love with the job and while you’re making kuwento what you said earlier, I think I also see something very similar in our journey in that. Siguro we didn’t like—in my case—I didn’t like showbiz, you didn’t like politics because we had—parang mayroon tayong pre-conceived notions of what it’s like…

    VP LENI: Yes, yes. ekaskto, eksakto.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: …of what the role will be, of what is expected of us. But parang the more we did it and the more we inched our way as years wen by, parang may way pala na gawin mo your way…

    VP LENI: Ayon, ayon.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Na you don’t necessarily have to do it like everyone else does it. Puwede kang gumawa ng naaayon sa iyo. Let me paint you a picture: so in my case, noong tinanong po ako if I wanted to host, kasi I was modelling na noon, eh, I was modelling like maybe four years na—

    VP LENI: Pero you were in college? You were in college at that time?

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Yes, I was in college. So fourth year college yata they asked me, “Gusto mo bang mag-artista? Gusto mo bang umarte, kumanta, sumayaw?” Because the mold or expectation at that time was if you’re on TV, you do everything, you act, you sing, you dance. Sa hosting nga, parang side job lang iyan. And so I wanted to explore it but sabi ko, “I’m not interested in acting or singing and hindi ko rin siya talent but I would like to try hosting.” So doon nag-start talaga iyong journey of honing in on just one craft rather than trying to do everything, which I feel I see in your story also, Ma’am. Parang you made your own style, not necessarily following the others.

    VP LENI: Pero sa akin kasi, Bianca, ano ako, eh, parang hindi ako original. Ang gusto kong sabihin, iyong sa akin, I saw that in my husband already, na when he was a politician, parang he went against the big guns in our province and he was able to survive and make a name for himself. So sa akin, parang may playbook na. Sa akin parang may playbook na, “nakaya nga ng asawa ko. I’m sure makakaya ko rin.” Pero with you kasi, bihira iyong gaya sa iyo, ‘di ba. Bihira iyong gaya sa iyo na did not, alam mo iyon, na did not do the usual things that people in showbusiness do but you were able to make a name for yourself sa hosting. And iyong tanong ko kasi, ako, siyempre hindi ko alam ano iyong kalakaran sa field niyo. Sa amin alam na alam ko and sa amin, parang mayroon ding mga playbook na kapag hindi mo ito ginawa, hindi ka aasenso. So iyong tanong ko siguro sa iyo, were you not—parang did it not cause you any anxiety na if you will not follow the usual formula, baka you will not stay long in the business or you will not be as successful as you are now? Wala bang ganoon na fear sa iyo at that time?

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: One hundred percent that fear. And my favor is that after I answer this question, I have a question for you related to that question.

    Yes, super, especially that very, very start of my career and a lot of people don’t know this kasi I am not a host for Pinoy Big Brother. But I started as a housemate.

    VP LENI: Yes! Pinanood kita.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Ay, oh my gosh. Those days, okay.

    VP LENI: Ginawa akong housemate because they wanted a host that experienced what it was like to be a housemate. So I didn’t know that when they made me housemate. Akala ko housemate lang ako. And so after, naturally, “o do you want to do a teleserye? A movie? Do you want to audition for this role?” Ganiyan. And even then, I was already very clear with my manager who’s still my manager now, Tito Boy Abunda. I said, “Tito Boy, I just really want to host.” And he told me, I remember this so clearly, “Bianca, there aren’t as much jobs for hosts and hosts don’t really earn as much as if you do a movie or a soap. Are you sure?” And I said, “Yes. This is just what I wanted to do, what I’m trying it and kumbaga trying to master as much as I can.” And I think what’s so important also is that support system because I knew of other managers or other artists who felt pressured by their managers or their networks na, sige they’ll do everything…

    VP LENI: Pero siguro, Bianca, importante iyong sinabi mo, eh. Importante iyong sinabi mo na parang when you know what you want, ‘di ba, you become so sure of how you want to do it. Kasi marami kasi iyong—halimbawa, sa politika din, Bianca, tinitingnan ko. Halimbawa, mayroong mga formula. Mayroong mga formula for winning elections like, if you don’t have that much money, forget it kasi hindi ka talaga mananalo. Pero may paniniwala ka. Parang just like you, ang paniniwala mo, “Ang hosting talaga ang gusto ko.” So kahit may lure of, you know, bigger bucks, mas malaking pay check, eh hindi iyon iyong gusto mo, eh. Hindi iyon iyong gusto mo. So I think, gusto ko lang iyon i-emphasize for our listeners, especially the younger people who are listening to us na it’s okay, eh. It’s okay not to follow the playbook. It’s okay to chart your own course kasi ano naman, eh, ‘di ba, parang you don’t have to parang allow yourself to be pressured into doing things that you’re not comfortable with, or you’re not sure na doon ka talaga papunta. So gusto ko lang i-emphasize iyon, Bianca, kasi I think not just in showbiz, not just in politics, pero it happens na may ganoon na pressure and iyong lesson lang siguro, you don’t have to be, ‘di ba, to allow yourself to be pressured.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Which, of course, I know, is easier said than done, lalong lalo na when you’re starting ‘di ba, you feel like you have to say yes to everything and I super agree with parang creating your own playbook and at that time, hosting nga was not really a thing, eh. There was the Boy Abunda, there was the Kris Aquino, but they’re like entities of their own na talaga. And then I remember telling Tito Boy, “I just want to be able to do work, to host material like Karen Davila and like Pia Guanio.” Sabi ko ganoon talaga. It was so clear in my head. Sabi ko, “I wanted to be able to host entertainment, be credible there, but also host like more current affairs and issues-related like Karen. So parang I guess I was just working towards that.

    I do have a question, Ma’am, like I said earlier.

    VP LENI: Yes, yes. Sige, sige.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: In my case kasi, the consequences of like forging my own path would just be paid by me. Like meaning, ako lang iyong mananagot for whatever choice I make. But in your case, it’s different because you serve people or for example, you’re a congresswoman, you serve your constituents so your choice of forging your path, hindi lang ikaw iyong na-a-affect.

    VP LENI: Totoo.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: So, how? How?

    VP LENI: Ako, again, Bianca, parang ako I don’t credit it all to myself kasi again, I saw how my husband did it. So para sa akin, parang mayroon na akong model. Pero just to give you a parang example, after my husband died, he died August of 2012, iyong October was already filing. And you know, last day of filing then—two months—wala akong plano. When he died, parang iyong party nila, local party nila in Naga, had candidates already na parang they talked about it already before the plane crash so it was all there. Pero when he died, nag-away-away. Ang gustong sabihin, mayroon nang mga ayaw sundin iyong mga napag-usapan. And you know, they were seeking my counsel and I was trying to help patch things up. Pero iyong last day, last day of filing, I remember it so well, October 5, may hindi nagkasundo. May hindi nagkasundo and ang naging result—and they didn’t even consult me—nag-announce sila na ako na iyong kandidato. So alam mo iyon, na it was so difficult for me, for the children, grabe iyong iyakan ng mga anak ko. And kandidato na ako. In other words, pumayag ako last-minute. Nag-file ako 4 o’clock in the afternoon sa COMELEC—last day. So the following day, kandidato na ako. Alam ko kung anong wala ako, wala akong pera. Wala akong malaking party. Although iyong asawa ko had, parang alliances with other parties, iyong local ang kalaban namin malalaking dynasties, eh. So I had nothing. Iyong distrito ko was one city and seven towns. Ang kakampi ko lang iyong mayor ng isang city.


    VP LENI: So iyong seven towns hindi ko kakampi. Naalala ko 186 barangays iyong district namin. Ang kakampi ko lang 25. So alam mo iyon, I didn’t have money. I didn’t have political strength. Pero nakita ko kasi sa asawa ko na kahit wala iyon, sipag na lang. So doon ako. Alam mo, not a single rally. I did not have a single rally kasi wala akong pang-arkila ng sound system. Ang sound system noon ang arkila P7,000. Mayroon akong kaunti sinasabi ko pambayad ko na ito ng watchers. So iyong sa akin, mahirap siya in the sense na sarili kong kakampi pinaparinggan ako na, “hindi iyan puwede dito sa amin. Kailangan maglabas ka ng pera.” Eh wala naman akong ilalabas. So parang kinakapalan ko na lang iyong mukha ko na parang nagkukunwari na lang ako na I wasn’t hearing anything. Halimbawa, hinihingian nila ako, wala akong ibibigay, eh. So nagkukunwari akong wala iyon. It was difficult pero I won by a landslide. And I think, iyong winning ko was my capital. It became my political capital. Pero kasi parang in a way, I was able to show them that you don’t need money to win an election. So parang noong umupo na ako, parang it was easier. It was easier in the sense na parang mayroong—I didn’t say it pero parang mayroong, “I told you so,” ‘di ba. Parang, “Oh ‘di ba, wala kasi kayong tiwala sa akin, kaya.” So noong ano na, noong nasa Congress na ako, parang I had a political capital to say na we won’t do this even if this is what all the others are doing, we won’t do this kasi napakita ko na sa inyo, eh, na puwede naman.

    So—but that is an aside kasi when I ran for the vice presidency, again, it was accidental. Parang iyong modelling mo rin, Bianca, parang you didn’t plan it pero parang iyong sa akin, it was a party thing. Ang gusto kong sabihin, our party was eyeing another vice presidential candidate and last-minute, the talks didn’t progress well so they were left with no vice presidential candidate and they started looking at me. So iyong sa akin, parang iyong pagkandidato ko, una as VP, parang ayaw ko lang na mapapahiya iyong party kasi hindi ako nag-cooperate. So in a way, parang iyong sinasabi mo na ayaw ko naman siya pero parang gusto ko siyang gawin for the party. Pero noong kandidato na ako, parang iyong ugali, I think, Bianca, dito tayo nagkakapareho, na kahit ayaw mo pero dahil nag-decide kang gagawin mo, pagbutihin mo na, ‘di ba. So when I was a candidate already, VP candidate na ako, sobrang sipag ko. And I think one news agency after the elections tracked our, ano ito, parang our movement, iyong movement during the campaign, and I was the one national candidate who went to the most number of towns and cities. Ganoon ako kadesidido. Parang halimbawa, mag-e-end iyong aming schedule at 9 o’clock, hindi pa ako antok may pupuntahan ako. Parang alam mo iyon, suma-sideline pa kasi desidido akong manalo. Desidido akong manalo kasi pinasok ko na ito, eh.

    Tapos when I won, when I won, alam mo naman siguro all the challenges that I faced. Pero ang sa akin lang, Bianca, parati lang na ginusto ko ito, pagbubutihin ko. So I think, parang the past five years I did my all. And then ngayon, mayroon ulit na parang point of reckoning, mag-e-eleksyon na naman, etc. So iyong sa akin, siguro a large part of it also iyong faith, iyong… Mahirap siyang sabihin, Bianca, sa politika pero a large part of all my decisions have been anchored on faith. Parang iyong my faith in the Lord na hindi, alam mo iyon, parang He will make things happen if it’s what He wants to happen. So iyong sa akin, parang mas ganoon and it’s pretty much parang has been my guide in all my decision-making.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Yeah, definitely. One of my favorite quotes is, “if it is for you, it will not pass you by.” Because that has happened so many times in life.

    VP LENI: Yes, yes.

    BIANCA GONZALEZ: Siyempre hindi iyong nakahilata ka lang not doing anything, waiting for it to come but more of while you’re working hard at something, talagang kung para sa iyo, para sa iyo.

    I have a question, Ma’am, if you don’t mind kasi you were saying parang talagang everything was opportunities and doors that opened. So when did you learn to love it?

    VP LENI: Ako kasi, Bianca, sa akin iyong public service has always been what I was doing before. Parang I don’t like politics pero even when I was still a lawyer in Bicol, parang I was forever immersed in communities. So iyon talaga iyong trabaho ko, parang iyong pagpupunta sa mga farmers, sa fisherfolk, battered women, so it’s what I have been doing. Pero when I was in Congress, when I was in Congress, parang I realized na I didn’t—there are some things that I don’t like too much. Like halimbawa, I like lawmaking. Ang gusto kong sabihin, I like writing bills. I like, iyong alam mo iyon, meeting advocates and discussing with them iyong bills na ipapasa ko. Pero I realized, I don’t like the wheeling and dealing. Parang in Congress kasi, you have to learn how to collaborate, eh. How to collaborate with other members of Congress for your bills to be passed. Parang I realized I didn’t like it. Parang when I was in Congress, I would be in Congress Monday to Wednesday sometimes Thursday. And then I would constituency work from Thursday until Saturday. Parang every week, I’m so looking forward going home and doing constituency work. Pero when I was in Congress—ang sipag ko rin when I was in Congress. Naalala ko I would be the first one to arrive kasi hinahatid ko iyong anak ko sa—high school pa noon si Jillian, eh. So ihahatid ko siya sa Pisay, diretso na ako sa Congress, trabaho na. Pero I, parang I knew that I didn’t like it. It’s the constituency part that I liked.

    So when I became VP I also don’t like iyong ano, iyong parang national politicking. Parang mas gusto ko iyong bumababa ako sa communities. So iyong sa amin, I looked forward—before the pandemic, half of the week we would go to the communities. It’s what I looked forward to. Pero I didn’t like the, parang the ceremonial part. I didn’t like—ang gusto kong sabihin, I liked to do it pero I don’t look forward to doing it. I looked forward to being in the communities. So, so tingin ko, Bianca, kahit sa iyo parang alam mo na rin, ‘di ba, alam mo na rin what events excite you. What events na you should do but you’re not too excited about it. So I think it’s quite the same.

    VP LENI: Thank you very much, Bianca, for being my first guest dito sa podcast. Nakakatuwang malaman na napakarami pala naming similarities despite how different our careers are mula sa personality namin na pagkamahiyain at lalo na pagdating sa mga paniniwala at values. Sana nakapagbigay tayo ng inspirasyon sa mga listeners natin na you can stay true to who you are and still have fulfilling careers as public personalities. Hindi pa po rito nagtatapos ang kuwentuhan natin with Bianca. Abangan lang ang second installment sa susunod nating episode.

    Muli, ako si Leni Robredo and this is The Leni Robredo Podcast. Hanggang sa susunod nating kuwentuhan.




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