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    Introduction of Vice President Leni Robredo by Gov. Marc Douglas Cagas IV

    Introduction of Vice President Leni Robredo by Gov. Marc Douglas Cagas IV
    Davao del Sur Provincial Capitol, Digos City, Davao del Sur

    MARC DOUGLAS CAGAS IV: Okay so everyone settle down. Madam Vice President Leni Robredo, palakpakan naton tanan; Vice Governor John Tracy Cagas, future Governor, my one and only– one na only pa– wife Yvonne, Mrs. Marc Cagas, future Vice Governor, not my one and only but my– the only second bar topnotcher in Davao del Sur, the first one was Governor Cagas, number 4 in the BAR, the second one is our future Vice Governor, number 8 in the BAR exams from the University of the Philippines, Attorney Riafe Cagas-Fernandez, incumbent members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, [speaks in local dialect 01:21], mga kandidato pagka Board Members, incumbent Mayors and Vice Mayors of the different municipalities in the province of Davao del Sur, together with their incumbent and candidate Councilors of the different municipalities of the province of Davao del Sur, welcome Sirs and Ma'ams to your provincial capitol.

    Mga pinalanggang mga barangay captains, [speaks in local dialect 01:49 - 01:58]. But most of all, my dearest [Cagas cares], the ordinary people of the province of Davao del Sur. Oh I forgot, mga department heads of the provincial government and employees of the provincial government. Former Vice Governor Aileen Almendras, [speaks in local dialect 02:27-02:32]

    The Vice President probably– oh former Senator Bam Aquino, Sir. Vice Mayor Johari Baña of Digos City. Okay, we have our loyal doctor Manny Gonzales. The Vice President probably doesn't know this. [speaks in local dialect 03:21] But your husband, Secretary Jesse, Manong Jesse, as I fondly called him, me and my dad were very close to your husband. Whenever– I was a Congressman then– whenever we had concerns regarding the first district of Davao Del sur, I would always ask or seek assistance from your beloved husband.

    This is very personal to me, I can never forget, I was supposed to be in Cebu City that day, together with my father. Si Governor Dodo Cagas, would be coming from Digos or Davao City, I would be flying from Manila because the event that the Secretary Jesse Robredo attended in Cebu was a CIDG event, both myself and Governor Dodo Cagas were supposed to receive awards from the CIDG. CIDG, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group. Because the notice was so– was given to me in a very short time, hindi na po ako nakakuha ng ticket. So I texted your husband, "Nong Jesse, puwede bang maki-hitch sa eroplano mo." I was supposed to be on the plane were Secretary Jesse– teka I'm having goosebumps actually, I was supposed to be on that plane na sinakyan ni Secretary Jesse Robredo. From Manila I would be riding with him and then from Cebu back to Manila. When news of the crash broke out, I was absolutely horrified. I kept on calling his cellphone, texting him. I was hoping that it was not sure or it was just a fake news or something. But as the hours passed, I knew that mukhang totoo talaga 'yung napanood ko sa news.

    Secretary Jesse should be an example to all cabinet secretaries. He was very approachable. He was upright. And so this morning, as incumbent Governor of this province of Davao del Sur, together with our incumbent officials of the province of Davao del Sur, together with my family, my dad would have been here kung hindi lang siya namatay, my mom would have been here kung hindi lang siya na-stroke, let us welcome mga [speaks in local dialect 06:39] a lady who is not only compassionate, but above all, I think, I believe, a very very competent woman. I am sure, because she did not really intend to run for President, she is the least interested Presidential candidate of all, just like my wife Mrs. Marc Cagas, and my cousin Attorney Ai-Ai Cagas, these women are pretty courageous. [speaks in local dialect 07:19], let us give chance and listen intently to the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, Attorney Leni Robredo.



    Posted in Transcripts on Mar 24, 2022