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    Message at the Tuloy sa Don Bosco

    08 February 2017

    Alabang, Muntinlupa City delivered on 07 February 2017

    I have long wanted to visit Tuloy sa Don Bosco. As our principal said, my late husband was a very good friend of Don Bosco.

    We have a Don Bosco school in Naga and we were always treated warmly there even up to this day. When my husband died to plane crash in 2012, I became the surrogate friend of Don Bosco in the absence of my husband.

    Even before my husband died, I knew of Tuloy sa Don Bosco dahil we have a number of kids from Naga who came over. I know the family situation of those who came here and saw how Tuloy sa Don Bosco transformed not only their lives but also the lives of their families.

    When I toured your dorm, ang mga tour guide ko ay boys from Naga. Mga taga-Naga sila and I knew the places they came from. I first asked them, how old were you when you were first brought here?

    Iba-iba iyong age. Tapos I asked them did you not feel any loneliness to be separated from your families? They said they were never lonely because there was so much love here.

    And the transformation in them was very apparent. I was telling them siguro kung di kayo dinala dito tambay na kayo sa atin. Sabi nila oo nga mam halos sigurado na iyon.

    And I am very happy that I had the chance to come over. I met some of you at the Rotary fair and from there I met father Rocky and from there I said that if ever I am in the vicinity, I will visit.

    Today I found myself in Cavite which is pretty much near and I still have another event later in Taguig after this but I told my staff if it was possible to drop by and I am glad that we have time for it.

    I just wish to have more time to talk to you but since I do not have that luxury, I want to take this opportunity first of all to thank father Rocky were it not for his big heart, Tuloy sa Don Bosco would not have been possible.

    So maraming salamat sa iyo, Father Rocky.

    Thank you also to kuya Raymond and the rest for being guardian angels of Tuloy sa Don Bosco. Through the generosity of your hearts and spirits you made transformation possible for so many Filipino children and families.

    Sa inyong lahat, natutuwa ako na nakikita ko ang tunay na kasiyahan na sana ang lahat ng regalong matatanggap natin in your years of staying in Don Bosco, maibalik natin hindi lang sa inyong mga pamilya kundi maisukli din natin ito sa atin mga kababayan paglabas natin sa lipunan.

    Thank you. Maraming salamat po sa inyo.

    Posted in Speeches on Feb 08, 2017