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    OVP Spokesperson Atty. Barry Gutierrez on VP Leni Robredo’s Joining of 2022 Philippine Presidential Race

    OVP Spokesperson Atty. Barry Gutierrez on VP Leni Robredo’s Joining of 2022 Philippine Presidential Race

    The Chiefs

    Hosts: Ed Lingao, Roby Alampay, Amy Pamintuan


    ROBY ALAMPAY: We have with us the Spokesperson for Vice President Leni Robredo, Atty. Barry Gutierrez. Atty. Barry, welcome to The Big Story—to The Chiefs, sorry, to The Chiefs. [laughter]

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Good evening, Roby. Good evening, Amy. Pleasure to be here on The Chiefs.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Atty. Barry, ano bang spelling ng fuchsia?

    ED LINGAO: O ano sa tagalog ang pink?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: [laughs] Rosas?

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Pink na lang.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Rosas sa tagalog.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Pink na lang. Pink na lang para madali. But I want to start, Atty. Kasi sinabi ni Vice President Leni Robredo. Sabi niya, “ipaglalaban ko kayo hanggang dulo.” Now we also said that she’s also taking on the leadership and the advocacy of trying to go for a unity ticket. She said, obviously kung united tayo, mas malaki ang chances natin. I want to ask: when she says, “ipaglalaban ko kayo hanggang dulo,” does that mean she’s a presidential candidate until May 2022 or hanggang dulo ipaglalaban niya ang unity ticket whatever it takes?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, at this point, it means that she will hold to what she said before when she promised that if it came to the point that she would decide to run for presidency, wala nang pakiyeme-kiyeme pa, wala nang aatras, walang substitution, ilalaban niya ito hanggang sa dulo, ‘di ba, hanggang sa manalo. Iyon iyong kaniyang ibig sabihin doon. So if at this point—although it is clear that she exerted every effort to forge a unified coalition, collaboration between the various other actors outside of the axis of the administration and its allies, well, in the end, unfortunately, that did not pan out and she made a decision to run for the presidency herself.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: And, Atty., speaking of how we got to this point, kanina lang sinabi rin ni Vice President na sa totoo lang, just a few days ago, she was decided—almost decided—na hindi siya tatakbo for president. What changed in the last few days?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, I don’t think it’s any one thing. It’s really an accumulation of a lot of factors that she had to take into account. Kaya naman she always used the word discernment, eh, ‘di ba. Discernment meaning she really had to weigh different factors. She really had to look inside herself and see if she was ready for this, if it was clear to her that this would be the best step to take for the good of the country. And ultimately, I think she found it herself that she needed to run. This was the right thing to do. This was the best thing she could do for what she believed in and for the vision she had for the Philippines itself. So you can’t really point to one thing. Some people kasi gustong i-reduce to, “hindi, dahil ito lang o ito lang.” But I think it was the totality of everything that she had to weight and that includes the sentiments expressed by so many supporters, this includes iyong kaniyang own read of where we are right now and what we need as a country, her own experience trying to do what she can in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in the last 18 months, and of course, the results of the conversation she had with the other people that she was attempting to forge a coalition with. So I think the totality of that is really what led to the decision on Thursday.

    ED LINGAO: But do we take it to mean na completely sarado na ang tindahan. As in absolutely closed na ang tindahan? Kasi in 2016 up to the last minute, eh may mga tsismis na, you know, back to negotiations to having a coalition of some sort before the elections para lang to run against President Duterte.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, as she said earlier in the press conference she gave this morning with her now running mate Senator Kiko Pangilinan, her vice presidential bet and partner for the coming campaign, she said that, we’ll now focus on moving forward to the campaign and to the elections. We’re focused on harnessing the tremendous outpouring of support and the energy and the excitement that greeted her announcement yesterday that she would be presenting herself as a candidate for the presidency. But you know, that said, her door remains open. Kung mayroong lalapit at willing pa ring makipag-usap, then you know, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there but for now, the focus is no longer habulin pa natin at makipag-usap pa tayo dito sa ibang mga kandidato. The focus is really how we can move forward with the campaign, how we can tap the energy of what she’s now calling a people’s campaign moving into the rest of the year and into the campaign proper come next year.

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Balikan ko lang iyong tanong ni Roby about what triggered that decision, ano, kasi I’m sure you know why the question is being asked dahil ang sabi noong mga—in the past week ang sabi, she will run kung tatakbo si Bongbong Marcos at kung whatever position Bongbong Marcos will seek, iyon ang pupuntahan niya. And in that case, the fight will be framed as a battle between good and evil. That was what Justice Antonio Carpio told us this week. Tama ba iyon?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, that’s Justice Carpio’s take so I won’t venture to try and speculate where he got that idea. But the Vice President has answered that question directly. It was not Bongbong Marcos or at least it was not Bongbong Marcos alone. Insofar as she is concerned, naka-move on na siya diyan, eh. Tinalo na niya iyan ng tatlong beses, ‘di ba—sa eleksyon, sa recount, at sa protest case, ‘di ba. So it’s not that. And I think it was very clear from her speech yesterday kung ano iyong kaniyang biggest motivations in seeking the presidency. And they all have to do with where she thinks this country is right now and where she thinks it needs to go. It has everything to do with taking a stand against iyong bulok na politika na makasarili that has led us to actually these dire straits that we are in: ang daming namatay, ang daming nagkasakit, bagsak ang ekonomiya, ang daming naghihirap. And that’s really what she has been actually focused on. Dati iniisip niya, “maybe if I [would] just be quiet, keep quiet, focus on trying to help…” iyon iyong ginagawa niya over the last five and a half years with more intensity in the last 18 months, “sapat na iyon.” But I think the realization is mukhang hindi, ‘di ba.

    And at the end of the day, there has to be a leader who will stand up for this. We can’t just, you know, work within our own individual spheres. You have to step up and I think that was the difficult realization that she had to get to throughout iyong process ng discernment. And I think that’s the sacrifice that she realized she had to make—she and iyong kaniyang pamilya at iyong mga taong malalapit sa kaniya. Because definitely, I have been with her since 2016, it has not been an easy five and a half years, ‘di ba. Talagang iyong banat, iyong paninira, iyong kasinungalingan—and despite all that, ‘di ba, she persisted. Ginawa niyang tahimik at mabuti iyong kaniyang trabaho. But then, hindi sapat, eh, kailangan itong gawin para sa bayan and iyon, this is it.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Atty., speaking of banat, the other reason I led off on a question about the potential and option, still, for a unity ticket, in particular—I’ll be specific—I’ll be particular with Isko Moreno. Because earlier sa Big Story, I think it was mentioned that one of the factors was she was became concerned about the statements of Isko Moreno of giving the Marcoses and for that matter, the Dutertes a chance kung siya ang palarin sa next administration. At the same time, kanina may—umpisa pa lang—may pasaring kaagad si Isko Moreno. Medyo maanghang kaagad ang banat niya kay Vice President Leni Robredo. He called her dilawan, he called her a fake leader with a fake color. And for somebody who was trying to position as somebody who was supposed to be a uniter, that was pretty quick and pretty early to draw a line. But given the sudden tenor there, can you still imagine—I mean, the Vice President has been open about the fact that she has spoken with the Moreno camp as well as with the Pacquiao camp and so on, but given just this first few days, do you think that is still on the table?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: I cannot really speculate. But similar to what I said earlier, insofar as the Vice President is concerned, insofar as her campaign is concerned, the focus is moving forward. It is no longer looking back at what was said, what would have happened, etc. Tapos na iyon, eh, ‘di ba? Pero iyon nga, kung gusto nilang makipag-usap, eh bakit hindi? Pero ang pagmumulan pa rin niyan at iikot pa rin iyan doon sa punto ng, “puwede ba tayong magkasundo batay sa prinsipyo, batay sa pananaw para sa ating bansa?” Without that fundamental agreement, without addressing that basic commonality that you have to share, I think kung ano man iyong magiging resulta ng kung ano mang usap later on will be very similar to what we’ve already seen in the past weeks na talagang the Vice President really went out of her way na makipag-usap. But as I said, hindi na iyan iyong usapan, eh. That’s no longer what’s on top of the agenda. Top of the agenda is already moving forward to the campaign, tapping the strength of iyong outpouring of support na lumabas kahapon because really, wala kaming makinarya. Wala kaming pera. And we will have to rely on the energy and the excitement of the people’s campaign. So that’s really the main focus. And honestly, you were talking about Mayor Isko kanina saying all these things, ni hindi ko pa nga napapanood iyan, eh, kasi we were so busy trying to talk to supporters, trying to build the necessary organization to move forward in this campaign. So hindi na iyon iyong concern namin. Kung salita lang naman, maanghang man o hindi, sanay na kami diyan.

    ED LINGAO: Sige, does this draw the line? Does this draw the line kasi like you said nga, we have to move forward and this is moving forward. With all the options on the table, ang sabi niyo pag-uusapan kung may magbubukas na pinto later on, maaring pag-aralan. [But] at this point, sa words that were dropped today, nasa la mesa pa ba iyong posibilidad ng unity ticket or talagang wala na?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: At this point, nobody’s talking about a unity ticket anymore. Iyan naman ang sinasabi ko, eh. Naka-focus na kami lahat on our own campaign. I’m sure they’re all focused on their own campaigns. But you know, it’s what, seven months. Marami pang puwedeng mangyari, ‘di ba. So I will not—ayaw ko naman na parang napaka-petty natin na dahil sa sinabing salita ni Isko Moreno ngayong hapon, eh hindi na kami makikipag-usap sa kaniya. Hindi naman tayo mga bata dito eh, ‘di ba. And as I’ve said, we’ve endured worse. Words are words, ‘di ba. Parang definitely, hindi maganda iyon but that reflects more on him than on us. And the honest truth of it is hindi iyan ang pinapansin namin ngayon. Naka-focus kami on doing our own thing, doing our own campaign, working with the people who have come out to support us because that is really what we really need to do now. Kailangan naming habulin. Sila, they had months, or maybe years to prepare, kami we have to focus on that.

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Tatanong ko nga iyon, Atty., because she’s running as an independent. What does it mean in terms of your campaign logistics? As in lalayo ba kayo doon sa LP? Ano iyong dynamics noon? Tutulong ba iyong LP or—

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Very clear iyong sinabi ni VP Leni kanina. She remains chair of the Liberal Party. She’s not resigning from the Liberal Party. And Senator Kiko Pangilinan expressed kanina that LP fully supports and endorses her bid for the presidency. But again, you know, anong resources ang aasahan namin sa LP? LP is a small party compared to what it was before. And any resources na aasahan namin, truly kailangan manggaling doon sa lakas at sa volunteerism, ‘di ba, at sa tiwala at suporta ng mga ordinaryong tao. VP Leni said as much again earlier today and that is really what we’re counting on. We’re not going to be able to run a traditional campaign by any stretch of imagination. This will not be based—a campaign based on the numbers, ‘di ba, iyong nakagawian dati. This will have to be a campaign anchored on iyong suporta and really, the energy of ordinary Filipinos and we’re excited to do it. Excited kami, frankly. The mood is upbeat, the mood is very positive because it’s probably the kind of campaign that reflects who Leni Robredo is as both a leader and a person. Isang tao na talagang grassroots ang pinanggalingan. Isang tao na hindi talaga gumagawa ng bagay in a conventional way. Isang tao na ang lakas, iyong kaniyang dikit sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan at iyong kaniyang capacity to actually harness support from different quarters.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Atty., si Justice Carpio, convenor of 1Sambayan as we know, and yesterday of course, everybody on the Leni Robredo camp was understandably on a high kasi talagang kita mo bumulusok iyong sa social media, iyong kulay pink, and so on. But we asked Justice Carpio, what would you caution your own supporters against? And he said, “we have to remind each other na baka tayo-tayo lang iyong nagkakakitaan sa social media and we have to find a way to get beyond our box, our communities and make sure na umabot tayo sa baba, ano.” How do you intend to do that? How do you see yourself in the campaign going particularly in that direction? Not just iyong mga nasa labas sa social media, nasa labas ng mga traditional supporters ng Liberal Party, but even down to the grassroots and for that matter maybe even to the supporters of President Duterte and the Marcoses for that matter?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Let me just make one thing clear: a lot of the supporters who came out yesterday, ‘di ba, to express iyong kanilang very positive reactions to the declaration of the Vice President and you know, who used the color pink to demonstrate that support, hindi iyan iyong traditional na LP members or even supporters ng LP. There were a lot of new faces, there were a lot of new names, there were a lot of new people na nag-express ng ganoong support. And so, that’s a good start, as far as we are concerned. Agree ako kay Justice Carpio. It can’t be just social media, ‘di ba. Hindi puwedeng tayo-tayo lang in our own echo chambers. Kapag nag-tweet ka, iyon na iyon, ‘di ba. Sinabi naman ni VP Leni din naman iyan, ‘di ba. We have to go out. We have to talk to people. It’s going to be about conversations. It’s going to be about spreading the message of support and hope and encouragement that she tried to capture in iyong speech niya kahapon by word of mouth. Some of it is going to be on social media and that’s going to be particularly unavoidable given that we are still in a pandemic. The Comelec has not issued actually any clear guidelines kung papaano ang magiging hitsura ng campaign na ito but I would imagine, large gatherings hindi mangyayari iyan, ‘di ba. Iyong traditional campaign hindi mangyayari iyan. So social media will be a part of it.

    The challenge is aside from social media, how do you try and capture iyong dating ground na ginagawa? Maybe through townhalls on Zoom, maybe talagang actual na kausap, encouraging your supporters to talk to people in their neighborhood, their communities, their own families. So iyon iyong mga bagay na ine-explore namin. Definitely, wala pang saradong plano. You have to forgive us. It’s been a day since she declared, ‘di ba. So, a lot of this is still a work in progress and we’re trying to be as inclusive and as consultative as possible. Ang daming taong may mga idea, ang daming mga creatives with great ideas on what you do moving forward, and we appreciate that. Iyon nga, eh. Doon namin nararamdaman iyong excitement, eh. It’s not just social media but iyong mga nagri-reach out to say, “I want to be part of the campaign. I have these ideas, ‘di ba. Willing ako at ang pamilya ko na sumuporta. Please tell us what to do.” And that’s the challenge for us right now: how do we harness that? How do we harness all these overflowing energy into something that can actually push us forward into a successful campaign. And frankly speaking, we are excited to be having this problem. We are excited to be able to be on the ground floor of something that might be new—completely new in Philippine politics. And I know, that’s no small thing.

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Well, today as we said at the start of the show, the big news was the filing of Senator Bato dela Rosa for his candidacy for president. What can you say about that? Are you still expecting Sara Duterte to replace him or anyone, someone else, to replace him?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: We’re honestly not fixated on it that much. They have their own plans. If they want to do a substitution later on that’s on them. If Senator Bato plans to push through with, you know, running for president all the way up to May, that’s on him. Ano na ito, eh, it’s no longer a time to focus on what other people are doing, ‘di ba. It is a time to focus on what we should be doing and how we can better relay and better draw in the people who support us doon sa kampanya. So, ayaw ko nang mag-speculate kung ano pa iyan, ‘di ba. Parang, nakita na natin, eh, iyong mga drama nila before. It’s not as if it’s a complete surprise na mayroon pang last-ditch effort to field a candidate who may or may not be substituted. But you know, frankly, it’s no longer our concern quite honestly.

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Pero siyempre, iisipin niyo who will be your main contender in the administration. At this point, sino iyong nakikita niyo?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Too early to say, I would think. I think that the—that right now, the focus shouldn’t really be on any single person. There’s such a wide field and we have just finished iyong filing and as you pointed our repeatedly, hanggang November 15 posible pang mag-substitution. So posibleng baka hindi ito iyong final list of names, eh. So ang hirap pang sabihin, ‘di ba. Wala pang nangyayari. Hindi pa tayo nagsa-start, eh. We have just begun to finalize iyong final list ng mga taong magiging actual contenders. So it’s very difficult at this stage to say na, “si ganito ang magiging kalaban.” Anybody who tells you na dapat ito na talaga iyan clearly I think is you know, talking with incomplete information. So, you know, focus is on the campaign itself, on your candidate, on your strengths, and moving forward. Later on, it will be much clearer when the alignments become more defined, when the strengths of each candidate come to the fore at mas nakikilala natin lahat. Then, we can probably come up with a better understanding kung sino talaga iyong dapat na i-consider as a main rival.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Atty. Gutierrez, you’re a spokesperson for Vice President Leni Robredo. But if you don’t mind, I would like to ask about the Senate race. I mean, just one observation, parang manipis iyong field ngayon, ‘di ba? Parang it’s like—under you it’s like, six? Under the administration, it’s only about half a dozen. Of course, may mga guest candidates and so on but even if you—we’re used to, you know, three, four parties fielding 12 candidates and so on. Parang manipis ngayon iyong ano. What does that mean? Or am I wrong, na parang kaunti iyong kandidato ngayon. What does that mean also for the prospects of your own candidates?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, kami naman we have always, you know, insofar as Vice President Leni’s leadership is concerned, she has always tried to pick members of a slate anchored on, well, quality, ‘di ba, rather than quantity. And we’re confident that the five names she announced earlier as the initial slate—si Senator Risa, si Senator Sonny, si Senator Leila, and then dinagdag si Atty. Chel and former governor and former congressman Teddy Baguilat— in terms of quality, in terms of qualifications, I think that’s a pretty solid slate. But you know, moving forward. Madadagdagan pa iyan. She promised that by next week, probably middle or late next week, there will be more names announced. So it’s not—we’re not too bothered about that.

    Now, if you’re asking in general what does that mean for—

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Yeah, for everyone kasi lahat kaunti iyong kandidato, eh.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: I don’t know, maybe it’s in the function of the fact that in recent years, talagang sa Senate talagang popularity na lang so a lot of people who feel na, “malayo naman ako doon sa Magic 12, eh, hindi na lang ako tutuloy, ‘di ba, kasi mahirap nang humabol diyan.” And maybe it’s also a function of how expensive it’s become to actually mount a national campaign, particularly for the Senate where you’re competing with that, 20, 30, 40 other people in trying to get your name most recognizable in such a crowded field. So that might discourage some people who ordinarily field themselves as candidates so…

    ED LINGAO: Isn’t it going to be cheaper now without ground campaign because of the panemic, ‘di ba. Parang that limits—that does limit the spending on the ground.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, it limits the spending on the ground but it makes spending for social media and traditional media even more crucial and those things are not cheap, ‘di ba. Alam niyo naman iyan, eh, ‘di ba. It’s probably more—it can lead to—I haven’t looked at the figures so I wouldn’t know. I hesitate to actually make a sweeping conclusion on this but I don’t think that necessarily, it will mean that it will be cheaper given that you will still have to spend for ads and these things are not cheap by any stretch of imagination, which is unfortunate. Kasi ang nangyayari, we see people who get elected na popular to begin with or have the money to actually get their names out there rather than people who are actually qualified, competent, magaling, nasa tama ang puso. Iyong mga matitino at mahuhusay na kandidato—in the words of the Vice President. But you know, that’s the reality. But despite that reality, ang tinaya namin dito with the five candidates she announced earlier today, eh ito iyong mga kandidato that we are proud to say will be good leaders: matino at mahusay at kung maihahalal, hindi ipapahiya at maglilingkod nang tapat sa ating bansa.

    AMY PAMINTUAN: Will you be supporting local candidates and partylist groups?

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, that’s a conversation that will happen siguro in the next few days or probably, or more realistically, weeks. As I’ve said, kahapon lang nag-declare si VP Leni. But again, at binanggit ko na rin ito in other conversations, we’re not going—it is not going to be a traditional campaign by any means. So iyong conventional wisdom na you’re running for president, dapat mayroon kang kandidato sa lahat ng mga munisipyo, sa lahat ng mga probinsya. I don’t think that that will be necessarily dictate how the campaign will be run, especially if ang aasahan mo talaga people’s campaign. Ordinary people will do the campaigning. They will be the ones to step out. They will be the ones to get your message out there. And that’s what’s so exciting about it. It’s new ground. And this is what I will add: it comes with iyong ano, eh, with less baggage, eh. One of the things that I think sinasabing mga observers before, “well, para manalo kang presidente, you have to court the favor of so many vested interests, political elites, ‘di ba.” So that when you become president, minsan ang dami mo nang masyadong utang na loob sa lahat ng mga taong tumulong sa iyo. But in this particular case, if you’re starting fresh, if you’re starting from the ground with just the support of ordinary Filipinos, hindi iyong mga entrenched nang mga political elites, don’t you have more room to actually do what needs to be done and do what’s right instead of what is—

    ROBY ALAMPAY: If she becomes president—I agree—but in the meantime…

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Of course, of course. If she becomes president, of course.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Yeah, but iyon iyong tanong ng mga tao and really, that’s the narrative na I think Isko Moreno is trying to put forth, ‘di ba. Parang they keep hammering on “we’re ahead in the numbers, kami ang winnable.” Now, despite that, one of the factors that Filipinos do know, not discounting everything that you’ve said, is really that—the symbiotic relationship between a national campaign and local politicians who have machinery who, alam iyong galawan sa ano, at their respective territories. It will remain, I would imagine—kagaya nga ng sabi niyo, you’re starting with walang makinarya and so on, who do you count on? Yes, you can count on people but people jaded—jaded Filipinos who are still asking na “kahit galit ako diyan sa palakad ng politika dito, kaya niyo bang lakarin iyang politika dito?”

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Well, Leni Robredo has made a career out of breaking conventional political expectations. When she ran for Congress, sabi ng mga tao, “hindi ka mananalo without the support of the mayors.” Nanalo siya. When she ran for [vice] president, “hindi ka mananalo starting from 1 percent.” Nanalo siya starting from 1 percent. Ngayon sinasabi sa amin, “hindi kayo mananalo kung wala kayong mga politiko at mga tao lang—ordinaryong tao lang—ang sumusuporta sa inyo.” Let’s see, ‘di ba.

    Ako, frankly, Roby, at in the end you may be proven right and the people’s campaign will not be enough, but what outcome would you rather have: isang outcome na isang tao lumaban anchored on the strength of the people’s campaign—hindi umasa sa pera, hindi umasa sa makinarya—[at] nanalo o isang outcome na iyong trapo pa rin na makinarya at pera ang inasahan? Honestly, what gives you more hope? Isn’t it the first option? And that is my point, ‘di ba. We are going to try to do it. Ngayon, we may fail, but we will try to do it, ‘di ba. We will give it our best shot because I think, we owe it not just to ourselves, I think we owe it to our nation. Ayaw ko kasi iyong—conventional wisdom has brought us where? Traditional politics has brought us where? Here, where we are right now and maybe that’s the step we need to take to get away from that.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: But, Atty. Barry, even by the example of the vice presidential win of Leni Robredo, that itself, some people will say, is proof of the necessity of machinery and of traditional politics because yes, she started from 1 percent but she was the administration candidate when she ran. And precisely people said when she ran, that was what was going for her really. There were people, of course, in the community levels that supported her but the reality is she is a product of that same—she cannot discount the fact that she is a product of that same machinery that had to be activated and engaged for her as well. That included machineries on the ground with local politicians having to be direct on board, given the power of the incumbents and the administration.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: I think, first of all, let me say that’s an extremely cynical take on how the vice president won the 2016 elections. And I think that it is actually quite incomplete. If machinery was a deciding factor, then her running mate should also have won. But the clear fact is, there was something about her. There was something about the campaign she ran. There was something about the support outside that traditional machineries that were actually crucial in pushing her past that finish line. Compare her machinery and her resources noong panahon na iyon sa machinery at resources ni Bongbong Marcos who actually started out higher in the surveys, ‘di ba. And yet, siya ang nanalo. So ako, I know we can debate this to death here, ‘di ba. And I would have to agree, ‘di ba. There’s a certain refreshing thing about your cynicism about Philippine politics but honestly, kahapon I saw something that made me hopeful that we could still transform politics in this country, ‘di ba. And I will hold on to that hope as the core foundation for the campaign na gagawin ni VP Leni moving forward into May 2022. And para sa akin, jaded political observer and participant that I am, that is something new and I think a lot of people feel the same way. And you know, I hope we can pull it off.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Okay, Atty. Barry Gutierrez, spokesperson for the Vice President and presidential candidate Leni Robredo. May I just also say, madalas pa tayong mag-uusap obviously in the next few months. Mas—and may I just say, mas masaya kang kausap na malinaw na kandidato iyong kliyente mo. [laughter]

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Honestly, ‘di ba, there was such a huge sense of relief noong lumabas na iyong desisyon, ‘di ba. I mean, we can stop dancing around kung ano pa ang magiging desisyon kasi nandiyan na, ‘di ba. That was also the sense of a lot of people who waited months for her to make that decision.

    ROBY ALAMPAY: Hindi na umiilag si Barry Gutierrez. Wala nang patumpik-tumpik. Maraming salamat! We look forward to speaking with you again.

    ATTY. BARRY GUTIERREZ: Bye, guys! Always a pleasure to be here. Ingat lagi.


    - 30 -

    Posted in Transcripts on Oct 08, 2021