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    Phone Patch Interview of ANC with Georgina Hernandez

    18 March 2017

    Spokesperson, Office of the Vice President, 17 March 2017

    Q: Your reaction to the possible impeachment complaint against the Vice President? GEORGINA: Well we think that the statement of speaker Alvarez is utterly irresponsible as he himself mentioned that he is still looking into the matter and he will still have to consult his legal team. And if that is the case, he is making such public statements without sufficient basis and it is purely speculation, really. What he is trying to share to the public, which is quite irresponsible for a public servant of his stature especially, and so we really think that such statements should not be taken seriously and these are really just empty threats and trying to mind condition the public.

    Q: Is there any part of the video that can prove that it is a betrayal of public trust? GEORGINA: Definitely there is none. There is nothing in the video that shows any sort of action as all of the statements on the video are based on facts coming from first hand accounts of families, urban poor families who sought refuge by visiting personally the Office of the Vice President to share their experiences, as regards to the various operations happening in relation to the government’s war on drugs.

    Q: Speaker Alvarez was saying earlier that the timing seems suspect that the filing of the impeachment case against President Duterte and at the same time, the same day the video message to the United Nations is there any relation? GEORGINA: First of all if I can give you a bit of a background, the request for message from the Vice President was made by the organizers of the United Nations last February, around the second week of February and before the end of the month, before the end of February we were able to send the said video message to the organizers. And the decision as to when it will be shared and posted online depended solely on the schedule of the conference, which was beyond our control. And we really see here based on purely facts and timelines, that there is no such coordination as to the filing of the impeachment case and the releasing of the video.

    Q: So that eliminates the possible evidence that the Vice President is behind the impeachment complaint and your camp has already denied that these past few days. GEORGINA: Definitely. Even the lawmaker who filed the impeachment case he himself said that the Vice President is not involved in this and he is acting on his own will and the group behind him is the Magdalo group.

    Q: Earlier, this weekend it was President Duterte who said that he did not believe that it was Vice President Leni Robredo is behind any destabilization plot against him and yet you have the House Speaker saying that she could be or she probably is so what do you think is the plan? What do you think is the thinking behind Mr. Speaker’s moves to try and impeach the Vice President? GEORGINA: We again took note of the message and the statement of the President clearing the Vice President from any participation in any sort of destabilization on his government. And we recognize that finally he was able to see the truth as the Vice President has continuously clarified and emphasized that she is not part of any destabilization plot. And as to the plan or the objective of the House Speaker, we really could not tell at this point. But we see it is purely conditioning the mind of the public and also really trying to bring the credibility of the Vice President down as she continues to really focus on her work as Vice President focusing on the real problems of our country including that of poverty alleviation.

    Q: Earlier Senator Allan Peter Cayetano was saying that this destabilization plot against the President has the ultimate aim of making sure that the Vice President Leni Robredo assumes the presidency that’s why there are reports there are thoughts that the Vice President might be behind such plots but do you think that this is possibly preempting the possibility that Robredo assumes the presidency in case a destabilization plot does work? GEORGINA: Well there is no such plan and we are not looking into any such possibility.

    Q: Thank you so much for the insight Ms. Georgina Hernandez.

    Posted in Transcripts on Mar 17, 2017