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    Speech at the Tapatan sa Aristocrat

    4 July 2016

    The Philippines is on the break of something really great and we all know that now. We can see that in our economic numbers from the consistent strong gross domestic product growth rate for the last ten years.

    The world started to recognize us as. Finally what we all have hoped for is almost within our grasp.

    Now, moving the nation in progress is something that we need to look at with fresh eyes. There are problems that we cannot seem to shake off, poverty levels, job growth, and inclusivity are the biggest wants that we need to fix, not tomorrow, but now because these problems represent real suffering of real people on the ground.

    What is the use of having a higher gross domestic national income when majority of our people are not able to assess that income. Remember the whole point of public service. We live to give so that those who are blessed will have more.

    Moving forward will require a commitment to keep our macro at economic number healthy. As well as the issues of poverty, inclusivity at the same time.

    We cannot just wait for growth to trickle-down to the poor. This has been done elsewhere in the world, and we can do it also.

    The best path at least for my office now is to work with the private sector, create collaborations and partnerships and synergies that will maximize both the resources of government and of the private sector.

    We have already chosen the areas of hunger and food security, universal health care, rural development education and people empowerment as our main priorities.

    We are inviting all groups of individuals who have the passion in these areas to come to office and partner with us. Our doors are open.

    We need to discuss the best way to tackle our trenchant problems. Collaboration is our best resource right now.

    Six years is a long time. We know that we can accomplish a lot within this period, but we have to move really fast. We need to fix systems and bring the discussion to the beneficiaries themselves and get their views.

    In my experience in alternative lawyering, it is when people are given a seat at the table and voice when solutions really work. This approach will take much longer but it works.

    When the society itself is involved, there is real ownership office solution and there is dignity.

    There are other pressing problems. You wanted to know about my views in corruption, overseas employment, contractualization, land reform and foreign, masyado yata mahaba iyon but let me attempt to discuss them briefly one by one.

    Since my term on Congress started in 2013, I have advocated for the strengthening of measures that ensure accountability of public officials, and also transparency and people empowerment.

    I have been an advocate of the Freedom of Information Bill since 2013 and I see that this will prevent graft and corruption in government.

    In terms of employment overseas and contractualization, we must ensure that Philippines has enough jobs which will make working abroad a choice, not a necessity. Legislative measure is needed in order to end Endo and outlaw dispractice.

    It is also necessary to saturate the market with jobs so that employers will compete for labor and not the other way around.

    I am an advocate of the Comprehensive Land Reform. Even if the CARPER law ended already, there is still much to be done.

    As a legislator, I filled a bill creating an Agrarian Reform Commission that will ensure any circumvention is corrected.

    On Foreign Affairs, we must continue to pursue our claim on Kalayaan Islands by UN tribunal. This is the peaceful way of resolving the dispute between the Philippines and China.

    To make the long story short, there is much work to be done, but much to be gain in giving everything we have to this business of building our nation. As I said, we are in the cast of something big and this is not the time to let go.

    There are things that may seem impossible, but when we all work together, that is where the impossible becomes possible.

    Hindi ko po alam kung napakinggan ninyo ang aking Inaugural speech, that was the essence of the speech.

    Ito na ang panahon to bring everyone together and rally behind the new administration.

    Hindi po tayo makaka-afford mag-away-away. Masaydong marami tayong kailangan gawin. Ang anim na taon, mahaba iyon pero sa dami ng gagawin natin ay maiksi lamang iyon.

    Kung mag-occupy pa ang away sa ating panahon ay kawawa naman ang ating bansa.

    Ako po bilang pangalawang pangulo, I believe that the number one responsibility now is to help rally everyone behind the new administration.

    This administration deserves our support.

    Hindi naman po ito para kay President Duterte lamang pero para ito sa sambayanang Pilipinas.

    Posted in Speeches on Jul 04, 2016