Vice President Sara Duterte joins Banigan Festival 2023 Opening Program

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Vice President Sara Duterte expressed gratitude to be invited as the guest of honor to the Banigan Festival 2023 Opening Program here at the Libertad Municipal Plaza in Antique on Monday (March 13).

The Vice President expressed her utmost respect and admiration for the town’s banig weavers — for their patience, perseverance, discipline and hard work just to create mats and other quality products that bring attention to the craftsmanship and creativity of Filipinos.

As secretary of the Department of Education, she also called on the local government units and parents to invest and prioritize the implementation of a good education program that will benefit Filipino children.

"Education is important and it is important that our children get the proper education thqt they need in life. May I enjoin our parents who are here today to keep your children and youth in school or learning technical skills no matter the challenges.”