VP Sara highlights ‘many firsts’ on OVP’s 87th anniversary

MANDALUYONG CITY — Vice President Sara Duterte on Tuesday highlighted the Office of the Vice President’s “many firsts” following her assumption in office.

“We have witnessed the growth of the Vice President's Office with 15 leaders at the helm. But today, we proudly make new history — making many firsts for this government agency,” Duterte said during the OVP’s 87th anniversary at the Office of the Vice President here.

The OVP under Duterte has already established seven satellite offices all over the country, the Disaster Risk Relief Operations Center, and implemented Medical and Burial assistance program, Libreng Sakay program, PagbaBAGo Campaign, and Kalusugan Food Trucks. The economic and livelihood project Mag Negosyo ‘Ta Day, Peace 911, and the building of the permanent home of the Office of the Vice President will be implemented early next year.

The Vice President said when she assumed office on June 30, she learned that the Office of the Vice President offered medical and burial services that only people in the National Capital Region could maximize.

“However, Filipinos living in provinces had limited opportunities to avail of these services unless they came to Manila. Having lived in the regions myself, I felt that the OVP needed to be present in the regions,” Duterte said.
“We set out to reach more Filipinos living in cities outside Metro Manila by extending our services to other regions, provinces, and cities across the country. Hence, we opened satellite offices across seven key cities to bring our services closer to the people. A first in the history of the Office of the Vice President,” she added.

Duterte said that during the 2022 election campaign along with President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., she made a promise to deliver aggressive recovery programs post-pandemic.

This led the OVP to roll out three pioneering services in the history of the office— the OVP Libreng Sakay program, in support of the DoTr’s Peak Hours Augmentation Bus Service in key cities across the Philippines, the PagbaBAGo Campaign, and Kalusugan Food Trucks that complements her work at the Department of Education by providing back-to-school kits to students and their parents while addressing malnutrition in schools with the most number of undernourished children.

Duterte added that since since the nation is geographically vulnerable to natural disasters, the OVP established Disaster Relief Operations Center which has become “a new bulwark of the government in increasing the delivery of aid, donations, and services to Filipinos in dire need.”

“The OVP recognizes the importance of collaborations and involvement in disaster risk management. We work closely together with local government units and partner agencies to engage those living in vulnerable areas, through hazard mapping, search and rescue operations, and community rehabilitation,” she said.

“These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling our mandate of giving ease and hope to those who suffer the devastating effects of calamities including livelihood loss,” she added.

With the 2023 budget approved, Duterte said the OVP will help stimulate entrepreneurial activity, create employment, and accelerate economic growth across the Philippines, allowing struggling Filipinos to gain or regain their confidence and financial independence.

The Mag-Negosyo ta 'Day livelihood program, which has elevated inclusive financial support for women and LGBTQ+ members in Davao City where Duterte served as the City Mayor prior to becoming the Vice President, and the national rollout of the Peace 911 initiative, which freed 17 barangays in Davao City’s Paquibato District from the clutches of the New Peoples Army, are some of the OVP’s plans for 2023 “in keeping with the trend of breaking glass ceilings and challenging the status quo.”

Duterte ended her message by thanking the OVP staff for the success of the organization.

“Happy anniversary to the hardworking and dedicated team behind the OVP’s success. We are here to make things happen,” Duterte said.
“Let us toast to the many firsts we have accomplished and many more public service innovations to come. Patuloy nating mahalin ang Pilipinas,” she added.